Yin – Yang
The Wave and Axis
Integration of Movemen
for training in the
 water carrier's walk

Visual Overview

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Running Improved After 3 Days of BFL Training

Dynamic Movement Builds Bone

Jumping in the Bones Wrap

A loan of integration
Seattle (2005)
The function of pulling

Building up resistance
Seattle (2005)






Cultivating Weight-Bearing Posture

Water Carrier’s Walk

Training in the
ultimate model of
upright posture
Ruthy, New Zealand (2004)
Hand in Hand in the Strip

Aligning the spine
Tel Aviv (2003)
 Aligning theLumbar

Foot steps on knee
Seattle (2005)
Ribs Around the Steering
Safe Arching Backwards
Reclaiming the power of the back Seattle (2005)



Securing Safety

Protecting the Neck

Stabilizing the 
vulnerable vertebrae
Ruthy (2003)
Running with Inclined Head

Consistent continuity of neck 
and spine builds uprightness
Ruthy (2003)


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